About me


 I am Chrysanthi, Chryssa for short and I am an Illustrator/Animator based in Greece!

I graduated from Fine Arts and then completed a Master's on Animation in the Netherlands.

I find myself interested in illustration, character creating, story telling and figuring out how things move! That is why Animation is my second biggest love! 


As for Illustration, it is the media I use to express and communicate most.

I started painting at a very young age and have been doing so since. I have spent some years researching about art techniques and artistic styles, as it is something I find intriguing and it has helped me experiment and find a combination of elements I feel comfortable with as an artist.   


Trying to create both in a traditional and in a digital environment has really been a way for me to broaden my experience with art and get to know a few very different approaches in the various art fields. My multidisciplinary studies are also the reason why I have a flexible style, that can fit in different worlds, depending on the concept and story.


I find inspiration in  simple and commonly  "insignificant" places, items and situations that I often observe. Movement of all forms is I believe a key- element among the things that are most intriguing to me and make me want to create. 


 Reading and storytelling are also two very important parts of my routine, as I think help me picture scenes, or interesting characters, the way they would possibly be in their fantasy environment. 


I hope you find yourself mind travelling with my work and stories. 



Thank you for visiting!