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About me

Hello there! 


Welcome to Mortz Illustrations!

Despite the name, this also a great place to discover animations as well!

My name is Chrysanthi, I am an Illustrator and 2D Animator/Motion Graphics Designer, currently working and living in the Netherlands. For years, my identity as an artist mostly involved creating designs and concepts, either of objects and characters for entertainment, or even for brand development and marketing! My focus and passion has greatly shifted to this day, as I entered the Animation Industry and got to know the step-by-step of how things move! Storytelling can be approached in such a different way, as animation brought my love for design and movement together!

With my focus still on 2D, but constantly discovering new techniques, I find myself creating animations and developing assets and characters for short films, e-learning instruction videos, documentaries for social heritage and historical figures, as well as for businesses and promotional purposes. Every project in its uniqueness, as well as every professional team I have been part of, always offers new experience on both technical and communicational aspects. Getting to work on a client’s vision and idea, meeting their needs and bringing an interesting project to life is an amazing journey every single time!

Do you have an idea, a story that you want to tell or a proposal for an animation?

Either it's frame by frame, hand drawn animation with a flowy touch, or after effects, colorful motion graphics that you like to watch, you got it!

Do you need a design or an illustration?

Is there a fun project you need the right style of design for, or have an idea for a collaboration? 

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s make some magic together!

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